3 Common CCTV Problems in Industry

BS Technology provides you Maintenance Service Contracts which are excellent way to keep costs and disruptions to a minimum while maximizing your system’s performance through timely preventative maintenance. A service contract can simplify your repair and maintenance commitments.

Here are 5 reasons why a service contract is actually a very cost-effective deal:

#1 – Save Money, Control Costs

Service contractor will schedule routine maintenance during off-peak hours, ensuring that your equipment is in good condition so that peak-hour failures are kept to a minimum.


On average, BS Technology’s Service customer save 30% avoiding off-hour service calls.


#2 – Save Time

Service contracts ensure that your equipment is maintained in optimal condition, mitigating possible failures and reducing the probability of post-outage scrambles to arrange for emergency restoration.


BS Technology provides the best, efficiency and supportive service to our Maintenance Service Contract’s Customers anytime anyday.


#3 – Minimize Equipment Downtime

With a service contract, your equipment is kept in top shape to minimize unexpected downtimes and the cost impact of disruption of services to your customers.


Although a battery bank can last for many years if properly cared for, it can also be ruined in a short period of time if neglected. BS Technology’s Service Contract includes comprehensive battery maintenance and testing to optimize your investment.


#4 – Improved System Performance

Service contractor will ensure that all of your equipment is functioning correctly by conducting disciplined preventative maintenance routines and testing, repairing or replacing any necessary hardware, updating factory installed firmware, cleaning, inspecting and testing, your network will continue to function at top efficiency, rather than being bogged down by worn out or faulty equipment.


Part of BS Technology’s Service Contract includes updating firmware for equipment making use of older versions. Ensuring that your equipment is running the latest firmware is a great way to ensure that it’s running smoothly at peak performance.


#5 – Trusted Service Provider

BS Technology has advanced products and professional CCTV Contractor who can provides you the best CCTV services such as CCTV Installation and CCTV Maintenance to avoid CCTV failure like displayed picture is not clear, blur, and video loss CCTV.


BS Technology provides a documented site report & inspection along with a site equipment audit during each preventative maintenance service call.


We Provides Solutions as below:

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